Flying Geese Quilt

This is my first quilting project ever! Never had an interest in quilting but picked it up when a quilt was requested for a baby-cot. The special request was for a ‘flying geese’ pattern.

As the baby is a boy, I chose blue as the main colour. Some of the fabrics used were specially bought and some from leftover pieces from the mother-of-the-baby’s childhood. Note the fabric from the kebaya of Singapore Airline air hostesses? As a child, she travelled a lot and often pretended to be a flight attendant serving tea and coffee.

It was addicting working on this, watching how colours interact and how the triangles flow visually. The pieces are quite small so it took a considerable amount of time to piece everything together. Rather than quilting along the seam lines, I decided to stitch straight down the middle of the big triangles to make the lines more visible cutting through and for added complexity.

I think this piece turned out quite ok for a first timer.

Flying Geese Quilt


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