Sunny Blue Sky Triangle Quilt

Sun and blue sky quilt for warmth and comfort on wintry nights.

Two little planes bridging the distance across continents and oceans …

Hand applique


Meeting the points..

Hand quilted… millions of stitches!
quilt_borderBorder… using up little bits of leftovers.

Measures 1.9×2.5m with cotton wadding.
For a little boy who is growing up too fast, upgrading to a big boy bed soon.


appliqué plane

appliqué NZ plane

appliqué plane

hand quilting
orbiting love

hand quilting

triangle quilt
The completed quilt, covered with hand quilting stitches.


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. CY says:

    Wow! You really expressed the title of the quilt nicely by the colors chosen! I wish I have a little boy ..hehe

    1. jade says:

      Thank you, CY. The colors were chosen by the Mum <3. That saves me deciding on a scheme, phew :).

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