about me

jade and the umbrella man
A rainy day, at Rue du Chat qui Peche, Paris in July 2011

Once upon a time in 1997 in the days of dial-up modems, the curious cat in me looked  ‘under the bonnet’ of websites  in 1997. Thus began my interest in web design.  I find HTML very interesting, that from something ‘dry’ one can use it for creativity.  So, HyperText Mark-up Language was added to my multi-lingual ability.

My web design website is Jade Web Design Art. My clients are from different parts of New Zealand, Australia and the USA. I welcome work from all parts of the world. I design websites for businesses, schools, online eCommerce shops and blogs. I love keeping up with webdesign trends and requirements.

I love to create designer knittings, either those of Kaffe Fasset, Alice Starmore or my own.  I also crochet, paint, bake and quilt. So this website contains some of the work I do.

I am always doing or making something.

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