Valiant Spirit

My camera is not picking up the intensity of the colours 😦  

Swan symphony

I saw this for the first time while I was in Malaysia last year, a doily bought by Ah-Mae. I found the pattern and had to make one.

Floral Crochet Doilies

I love foral doilies. The possibilities for creation are endless. These were mostly used as gifts, and given as the best piece I’ve made at that time.   I used this doily and made it into a Christmas card. It also served as a small gift for the gracious host and hostess at a recent…

my own Beeton’s freeform crochet

I’ve been working on websites in the mornings and going to the gym in the afternoons when I’m at my worst concentration-wise.  It’s lovely to wind down at the end of the day, doing some crochet. I’ve been drooling over Isabella Beeton’s crochet doilies, such as this one : Her patterns were written and published…

Flower Catcher doily

  I made the 3-layered flower in the middle with ecru, light pink and a darker shade of pink.  I thought it looked really sweet so I had to make it grow. More smaller flowers joined the net.  I used green to make the loops in the back of each flower and they looked like…