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I am looking forward to creating more websites. Creating websites is my work and my play. Websites can be hosted by me or you can choose your own hosting company. Feel free to contact me if you are thinking of having one or if you need someone to do maintenance, updates or fine-tune for you. Check out my Jade Web Design website for more details.

These are the websites I’ve created :


webdesignportfolio_youtimeBeing a new mother with a newborn baby is a special time but it can also be exhausting. It is even more so if the new mother has had complications. YOUtime In-home New Mother Support would be a god-sent, to give the new mother a break, catching up with some rest or sleep. Dianne is available to help in any way possible around the house. With her experience, she can be relied upon to provide that caring help and support.

Time to Blossom

Sue of Time to Blossom specialises in Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Facial Treatments. The original website was could not be found by search engines so Sue needed to address that issue. Afterall, why have a website that cannot be found? The new website design focuses on ‘blossom’ due to the business name. It is responsive and is already ranked on search engines and bringing new clients and enquiries to Sue. Have you ever had an Indian Head Massage?

OutOnaLym Business Coaching


OutOnaLym provides Executive Leadership Development and Business Coaching which includes one-on-one coaching or teams. Lynn, the Business Coach, is a dynamic person with a proven record of success in her line of service.

Bien-être Beauty Therapy Reflexology

bien-etre_featured Bien-être offers many beauty, massage and reflexology treatments. Therapist Lia is a lovely, calm, person, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable to help one keep looking beautiful. Our face is the first thing people see when they look at us. Sadly, age, care and environmental factors age us, often quicker than it needs to be. Regular facial treatments help to preserve the youthfulness and vitality of our skin. The time-out for the relaxing treatments is a treat too.

Bien-être’s old website no longer serves the needs, being unresponsive and difficult for Lia to update. The new website addressed those issues, looks fresh and trendy. Check out Bien-être Beauty Therapy Reflexology

Neill Photography

neill photography WebsitePhotographs capture our memories of an event, a time or a person. Isn’t it lovely to have them of our wedding day, a birthday, or simply capturing the stages of growth of our children? Capturing their ‘firsts’, their cheekiness, cuteness and innocence.

This website showcases Neill’s fantastic photos taken from around the world. Neill offers his services to capture photos of your special events such as weddings, parties, etc. He also loves to capture photos of children which can be a record of the various stages of their lives and interest. Check out his many photography categories at Neill Photography website.

Equal Learning

equallearning_featuredMoving to a new country is exciting as well as daunting. The latter is even more so when you cannot speak the language. For a child, it can be traumatic not understanding or be understood at a new school. He would need to learn the language, in this case, English, as quickly as possible. Attending special lessons or tuition helps towards achieving that.

Julie is an experienced English Language Assistant who works at a local primary school. So she knows the English Language requirements and the education system. Julie offers ESOL tuitions or lessons to new immigrant children at after school hours. Check out EQUAL LEARNING.

Attentive Living

Need someone to help you get on track and achieve your goals in life? A life-coach may be the answer. Check out Attentive Living website. There is a life-work balance quiz to try out.

Mooksha Massage

Mooksha Massage

Offers Ayurvedic Massage, Raynor Massage and Holistic Massage for women. This website was fun to build as the colours of the photos matched very well with the chosen colour scheme of green and orange. Visit  Mooksha Massage

Build Qual NZ Ltd

Build Qual NZ Ltd
This is the first time I built a website with a dark colour scheme. My personal preference is for a light coloured one.  The colour scheme matches existing stationery. Their old website was a static HTML website with no Content Management System. The owner  loves the animations and special effects.  BuildQual assesses or checks a residential or commercial building or property and provides reports.  They also do meth testings. Visit Buildqual NZ Ltd

New Zealand Association of Breathworkers Inc

NZ Association of Breathworkers Inc
This is a non-profit organisation website. Their old website build on Drupal was very outdated and not responsive (mobile friendly) so the new website addressed both issues. The colour purple was chosen as the organisation’s website admin said it is the colour of spirituality. Visit NZ Association of Breathworkers Inc

Cuddle Me Baby

This is an eCommerce wholesale website for baby products. I created the logo after the client’s several failed creations by other graphic designers.  This website uses additional plugins so that wholesale prices are only shown to wholesale customers.  Shipping is based on weight. Visit Cuddle Me Baby

Vibe Changers

A new beginning for the client, moving to a new location and starting afresh. VibeChangers complements her other job, providing various wellbeing therapies. I created the logo with the request for it to fit into a heart shape. Visit Vibe Changers

Canterbury Uniforms


This is an eCommerce website although sales are usually conducted in person.  So the website serves the company’s web presence needs.  The colour scheme comes from the logo and business card, consisting of red and grey.  Canterbury Uniforms supply uniforms to schools and sports clubs. Visit  Canterbury Uniforms

Ruey Art


This website showcases the work of an artist who loves painting pole dancers doing their various poses.  The artist accepts commision work, exhibits and sells her artwork.  Visit Ruey Art

Home Birth Midwives


Showcases three wonderful, experienced and capable local midwives, servicing women who plan to give birth at home.  It’s wonderful to be provided with lots of photos to ‘play’ with for this website.  The colour scheme is striking.  This website replaces the one they created on Google Sites. Visit Home Birth Midwives

Waipuna Estate

Waipunaestate Accommodation

This website launches the client’s new business of providing boutique accommodation and using the venue for weddings or any other functions.  Situated on a beautiful location, looking onto a spectacular view with a friendly host.  Catering and other arrangements for your functions can be arranged.  Visit  Waipuna Estate

Rustic Bakery Cafe


The bakery serves delicious food baked on the premise fresh daily!  The owner is passionate about baking and coffee.  The website uses the colours and graphics already created for the business.  The background is an image taken at the shop to provide a website reflects the actual business. Visit Rustic Bakery Cafe

Tussock Hill Vineyard


Tussock Hill Vineyard is a beautiful place on the top of Hillsborough in Christchurch.  There are two llamas and an earthship too!  The view is fantastic.  The Pinot Noir produced is most delicious.  The colour scheme of this website came from the colours of the house. Visit Tussock Hill Vineyard

Baby Shusher New Zealand


This is another eCommerce website selling Baby Shusher. It makes a ‘shhh’ sound that helps calm a baby down to sleep. This is a simple website using the colours of the product, grey and orange.  Visit Baby Shusher NZ

Selwyn Reflexology


I created the simple logo and the icons for this website.  The owner likes blue and yellow.  The services provided are reflexology and spinal touch therapy. Visit  Selwyn Reflexology

Chee Yean Artwork


The very talented artist showcases her work on this website. Her work is exquisite, creating art through inspiration, emotion and imaginations.  Visit Chee Yean Artwork

LINK English Language


This is a non-profit organisation with the initiative to help new immigrants with their English and understanding the Kiwi culture. The ESOL classes are fun and casual. View it live!

Southern Reflexology Group


The group consists of reflexology practitioners in the South Island of New Zealand. This website showcases the members, each with a page of their own. Visit Southern Reflexology Group

Sleepytot New Zealand


A very successful online shop for baby products; initially started to sell and represent Sleepytot in New Zealand. It now sells many other products along the theme of helping babies sleep.  Visit Sleepytot New Zealand

Sachie Acupuncture


The lovely Sachie performs acupuncture, shiatsu and ear candling services. She is also very knowledgeable on nutrition to help with various health issues. The website uses her favourite painting of peonies and incorporate the colours used at her practice. Visit Sachie Acupunture

Sleep Tight Babies

portfolio_stb2016Originally a static HTML website selling a few products such as baby sleeping bags. It was converted to an eCommerce website which served the owner well. In 2016, it had a redesign to bring it up to trend and increased needs for the owner and shoppers. Visit Sleep Tight Babies

Creative Health Acupuncture

portfolio_creativehealthThe practitioners look after women’s health providing acupuncture and midwifery services. The colour scheme is taken from the logo plus an accent colour. Visit Creative Health Acupuncture & Midwifery

Hands on Feet


Provides reflexology and hot stone reflexology as well as maternity reflexology. The owner requested for orange and green colours to be used. Visit Hands on Feet



Originally a static HTML website, it was converted to a dynamic website and the third conversion gets it ready to enable a shopping cart if needed. Reflexable offers reflexology, indian head massage, reiki and some products for sale. Visit Reflexable.

Websites that are no longer available

Redwood Early Childhood Centre

Redwood Early Childhood Centre website
Redwood Early Childhood Centre website

Errands and Driving

Errands and Driving
Errands and Driving Christchurch website


Peace Love and Dreadlocks

Peace Love and Dreadlocks website
Peace Love and Dreadlocks website


Zest Fitness Studio

Zest Fitness Studio website
Zest Fitness Studio website


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